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Eberbach Microscope Slide Storage

Eberbach's Microscope slide cabinets provide safe, short-term and long-term, storage of prepared slides which can easily be indexed for retrieval.

Sturdy aluminum micro slide trays, numbered in sets of 25, are removable and interchangeable between cabinet systems. Individual compartments for laying slides flat, maintain cover glasses in place, preserving your work year round. Nominal capacity can be doubled, as two micro slides can be stacked in each compartment. Unnumbered, replacement slide trays are sold separately (75x25mm slides tray: Order No. E2870) or (75x50mm slides tray: No. E2875).

Cabinets are available in (2) two styles, a Unit System and a Cabinet System. The flat sides and disappearing door of the Unit System provide for easy stacking and/or banking. The Cabinet System will initially handle a larger number of slides with drawer space at the bottom for a card index. Doors are supported by piano type hinges insuring long operation and a close fit.